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Mrzeek's Bio and Free Webcam

Настоящее имя:
Дата рождения:
14 марта 1999 г.
Мужчина, Женщина, Trans, Couples
Последний выход в эфир:
1 день, 14 часов
Язык (языки):
twink, aspiring man
Курение / употребление алкоголя:
Украшения на теле:
au naturale
Pics & Videos:
Обо мне:

-- 05/11/17 - Got naked with my first Daddy
-- 04/28/17 - Begin planning Los Angeles trip (month long August!)
-- 04/26/17 - Begin planning Europe trip (13 countries June!)
-- 04/18/17 - Asked to visit the @voyeurboys home

Looking to be acknowledged as a regular Daddy in my shows? Create a new chaturbate account, using the link below, dedicated to me. Put a capital 'Z' at the end of your username so I know you're mine! Regular Daddies get free PM's and especially naughty dirty talk!

https://chaturbate.com/affiliates/in/?tr ack=default&tour;=3Mc9&campaign;=EkHyO&re; direct_to_room=-welcomepage-

- I am the boy next door ;)
- Call me Zeek (boy/son/yooung man/boyfriend/babe are all good too)
- I'm Canadian af
- I haven't measured my cock, don't care for numbers
- You don't need to know what city I live in
- I'm bisexual, been with multiple girls, one Daddy.
- I have good self control
- I am a Daddy lover, and generally only watch Gay Dad porn
- I cum at goals, refer to the room title
- I can edge forever, don't doubt me, that being said, I cum during 99% of my shows

- do not demand (you'll find yourself banned quickly)
- keep PM's to your tip notes, otherwise I might not see your PM
- if you're grey, you have nothing to say, sshhhh
- do not pick fights with other viewers
- no advertising of any sort

@mrzeekcb on Twitter (hot ass feed, no joke)
immrzeek@gmail.com for Gift Cards/Email! <3
Список пожеланий:

Please send Amazon Gift Cards to immrzeek@gmail.com. Thank you!

http://www.amazon.ca/registry/wishlist/1 VOPKPOT78ACH