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Greatalexa's Bio and Free Webcam

Настоящее имя:
Дата рождения:
17 октября 1990 г.
Мужчина, Женщина, Trans, Couples
Последний выход в эфир:
4 дня, 16 часов
Язык (языки):
Курение / употребление алкоголя:
Украшения на теле:
i am my own body decoration :)
Pics & Videos:
Обо мне:

  • Magic land where we fight against dull times

  • About Me

    I am here for my own pleasure to love. Tips are a way to motivate me, but in the end, i do what i want. Nonetheless i ♥ sharing love and knowing i made your day better by being online. I will talk to anyone in my room. I will answer to any grey/ blue/ purple without a problem. The only times i will silence all greys will be when I have a full room or too many spams and its hard to keep track of everything said to me.

    In order to be fair with the tippers in the room, i will keep all the explicit shows in hidden shows or privates. The tip menu in my bio with flashes and other items is still available in free chat also. But if u want to see me do things to myself get yourself a ticket for the show

    Follow me on Twitter @Great_Alexa and have a look at my Amazon Wishlist.

  • Charity Day

    50% of the income of every 6th of every month will be donated to an animal shelter. I am no longer in the same country as the shelter, so i cant show you pics of me there, but i do keep in touch with them and help regularly with donations. Join the rescuers team!

  • Rules of Funland

    1. If your fantasy is to boss me around, boss me in private.
    2. I love dirty talk, but please use it in tip notes, not in public chat.
    3. If youre giving us a hard time, we shall close the gates of Funland, and we never know for how long. It depends on who gets you first. :)
    4. If you respect the rules of common sense, you will be safe and happy with us.
  • Lovers of Funland

    Great Moderators

    geff9, spacemann25, lindachamberrs

    • Highest Great Lovers

      • hewplay: 10000 tk in one tip
      • captain_haddock: 3650 tk in one tip
      • jamie_jr: 2500 tk in one tip

      Tip higher than the Highest Great Lover to take his place and you win a 15 min custom made video + all my videos + free entry to all pw shows for the next 3 months + 3 tickets to any raffle in the next 3 months + free pm!

    • Best Great Lovers

      • alenar69
      • methodic_doubt
      • 42nhornym
      • smartypants_the_2nd

      To become one of the Best Great Lovers, you must impress me for an entire month!!!

      In exchange i will give you free access to all my pw shows for the next 3 months + 3 tickets to any raffle in the next 3 months + free pm!

    • Great Lovers

      • buzzfun69
      • unfortunatemole

      Even if u are not in my room often, impress me for a few days and make me remember you! :)

      I will repay you with 3 tickets to any raffle i may have in the next month and free pm!

    Note: Lover grades (except Highest Great Lovers) are lost in 2 months if not sustained!

  • Tip Menu

    • A kiss: 10 tk
    • A spank: 17 tk
    • Pm5 min: 40 tk
    • Username on body: 150 tk
    • View cam 5 min: 80 tk
    • Sexy dance: 111 tk
    • Striptease: 350 tk
    • Legs/feet tease: 33 tk
    • Nips play: 84 tk
    • Ice on nips: 100 tk
    • Wax on nips: 110 tk
    • Cameltoe: 69 tk
    • Pussy flash: 90 tk
    • Ice on clit: 120 tk
    • Wax on clit: 130 tk
    • Ass flash: 95 tk
    • Slow booty dance:115 tk
    • Any close-up: 160 tk
    • Pussy/ass finger tease: 250 tk

    Note: This tip menu is available only when i stream from home, inside the house.

  • Special Items

    • Buy my stuff (*)

      • Panties (hidden in pussy and cumm on it):
        2000 tk Worldwide
      • Great Alexa first dildo ever:
        5000 tk (inside EU), 5000 tk (outside)
    • Orgasms, orgasms, orgasms...

      • Cam-to-Cam password show: 30 tk/min
      • Instacum: 1984 tk
      • Control my Lush toy: 111 tk/min
      • Control my Nora toy: 150 tk/min
    • Enhance the running show

      • Oilplay: 400 tk
      • Buttplug: 500 tk
      • Cum denial for 24 hours: 1710 tk (not working after an instacum tip)

    (*) Shipping (tax, customs, etc.) is on your risk!

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